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4. According to Decree Nr.72 from June 19, 1963 of the Council of Ministers, the
Construction entity was created on self-supporting ROADS CONSTRUCTION by General
Road Administration with main focus of activity: construction of roads, bridges, tunnels and
big reconstruction of the main road net, as well as road construction in the regions of the
national objects.
5. On February 10, 1968, according to Disposition Nr.52 of the Council of Ministers, the State
construction office ROAD CONSTRUCTION became a State Construction enterprise ROAD
6. On January 28, 1971, according to Disposition Nr.34 of the Council of Ministers, on
the base of the State construction entity ROADS CONSTRUCTION by General Road
Administration was created the State business undertaking entity ROADS CONSTRUCTION.
7. On June 26, 1986 by Disposition Nr.16 of the Council of Ministers, the Economic
enterprise General Road Administration was created, part of which is ROADS
8. In 1989, by Disposition Nr.50 of the Council of Ministers, the Economic entity ROADS
CONSTRUCTION was closed down and its branches became independently owned state

AVTOMAGISTRALI HEMUS AD is a road construction company with more then 40 years
of history. It originates from the state economic enterprise ROAD CONSTRUCTION,
which was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers on January 28, 1971.
In 1989, ROAD CONSTRUCTION closed down and its branches became independent
state companies, one of them being AVTOMAGISTRALI HEMUS AD. AVTOMAGISTRALI
HEMUS’S area of business is in the design, research and building of roads in the country
and abroad. Its main construction focus is on highways, rail roads, bridges and tunnels. It
also provides consulting and engineering activity, extraction of inert and building materials,
and manufacturing and trading of building materials, structures and products
1. On March 13, 1950, the state construction entity for road construction was developed, by
Governance decree Nr. 600.
2. On January 21, 1953, the state entity ROAD CONSTRUCTION was established as part of
the General Road Administration.
3. On December 30, 1955, ROAD CONSTRUCTION and its branches were liquidated
according to Governance Nr.2270 of the Council of Ministers.